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Hello Hungry Traveler!

I’m back to ring in 2018 by sharing the latest ETA jewel to help tailor your airport experience away from humdrum towards fabulous. I’ve stumbled upon a revolutionary new tool to add to my arsenal- On Demand Food Ordering via Mobile App!

What’s so great about it?

While it may not be the very latest trend in Air Travel, in my opinion it’s the GREATEST and I have a feeling you will see more and more of this in the coming year as this is something new to the market as of late 2017. So what is it that I’m all worked up about? App based on-demand food ordering? YES- the on-demand lifestyle has arrived to many airports and is here to save you from yet another terrible layover! The best option to take advantage of this new Tech Amenity is to use an app called Grab. So far, Grab has partnered with American Airlines, so you can also order through the AA Mobile App, which is absolutely fabulous if you are an AAdvantage loyalist like me. While you can use the Grab App no matter which airline you are flying with, bear in mind that this is a new service, so the options are somewhat limited and not available at every airport. You can find the service at 31 airports in the primarily in the US and a few in the UK. From what I’ve seen, the best selections are available at ATL, AUS, DFW, FLL, LAX and PHX.

       GRAB APP                                       AA MOBILE APP

Now how does it work?

Download the app (GRAB-Download here or American Airlines Mobile App-Download here), build a profile, link your preferred method of payment (Grab also accepts ApplePay) and order to your heart’s desire. Each option will show you a time window on when your food will be ready prior to placing your order, and you can customize your order with special requests, dietary restrictions and modifications. If you’re not sure of your exact arrival time, you can opt to hold the order and confirm when you’re close, you can also cancel without a fee if you change your mind or end up being extra-pressed for time. Be sure the restaurant you choose is close to your gate and within the same secured area-each listing will show you the gate/concourse location clearly and the app will even warn you if there are any terminal layouts that could cause inconvenience (i.e. leaving the secured area).  Your food will be waiting for you in a separate pickup area- you will have already paid, so you skip the line and get your food in a flash.

What to expect.

The service is brand spankin new, but already has an impressive footprint. You can order from National Chains like Pei Wei, Einstein Bros, Steak & Shake, Chili’s To Go. One of my favorite things about the app is that it notes Local restaurants with a nice bright red logo- following ETA’s commandment #6! A few gems are:  Homeboy Cafe (LAX), The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que (AUS), Humble Pie (PHX) and Banh Shop (DFW). Selection is especially great in airports with a large American Airlines presence, although I am sure this is one trend that we will see grow exponentially. Grab has plans to expand their app to include both Retail and Services, meaning you’ll be able to fully curate and plan your time in the airport better than ever! BONUS- for Business Travelers- Grab is linked to Concur, meaning you are in for seamless expense reporting….which is pretty freaking awesome.


The goal of this blog is to share my insight on making the most out of every airport experience. While I do love sitting down and relaxing in-between or before a flight with a nice meal, that is not always possible. When you’re pressed for time or end up in the airport at an obscenely early hour, it can be hard to find a quality meal on the go- long lines just complicate things. Using Grab or the American Airlines App will help you make the most of your time, get you exactly what you’re in the mood to eat and even provide you with something you can keep yourself busy with during your flight- planning your next meal! Carry on Hungry Traveler, the road needs you…

Stay Hungry-ETA.