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Nashville International Airport seems to be on many a frequent flyer’s itineraries these days. Nashville is a hot spot for leisure and business trips alike, with hungry travelers eager to experience what the Music City is all about. Before 2022, I had never been to Nashville, but have had the pleasure of visiting town 3 times in the past year alone!

When it comes to my guide to BNA, this is an evolving post. The airport is in the midst of an incredible renovation. I have a few favorite spots to share, but reader beware, the airport is in the process of opening some great new restaurants, so please share your thoughts if you’ve had some delicious eats at BNA!


One of my favorite spots on Broadway, Tootsie’s is famous for live music and good times. The airport outpost is located on the C Concourse near Gate C-8. You can’t miss it- the purple orchid color scheme really pops as a nod to the famous original Tootsie’s. Grab a seat, order a drink and enjoy live music- with different artists performing all day! My favorites here are simple: Onion Rings & an Old Fashioned or Margarita always hit the spot.

Party Fowl

When you think of Nashville food, likely one thing comes to mind: Nashville Hot Chicken. Party Fowl is my choice for this local specialty. Frankly, the handful of times I’ve tried traditional hot chicken, it has not been my favorite. I love spicy food but find hot chicken can be a bit one-note, often tasting like pure cayenne pepper. That said, this place does make some damn good hot chicken and also serves a solid breakfast. Their Hot Chicken Poutine and Beignets were two of my favorites- you can also get a gigantic cheese-covered Omelet at breakfast and some of Nashville’s famous Boozy Slushies when you’re ready to party. You can find Party Fowl at the beginning of the D Concourse, across from D-3.

Shake Shack

One of my favorite “old reliable” spots. Hard to beat for a burger on the go, you can find Shake Shack in the food court on the C Concourse.

Take away

BNA really nails it when providing a sense of place and local flair. This is an airport full of amenities and it’s only going to get better as Nashville continues to grow and the airport completes its expansion and renovations. Stay tuned for more- I have a feeling I’ll be making my way back to Nashville again soon! Have a solid BNA recommendation? Drop it in the comments and help out a hungry traveler!


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