Navigating the world's airports in the most delicious way


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

DCA in my opinion is one of the most convenient airports in the nation. You land and are most likely at your gate within no time flat. Catch the Metro line and you’re in the center of D.C. in minutes. For avgeeks, the approach on the Potomac is one of the most exciting landings around. Inside, the terminals can be crammed and crazy. Snagging a spot during rush hour can be a mission, but there are some bright spots to wait out some time at the preferred airport of our Nation’s Capital.

Legal Sea Foods (National Hall/between B&C Gates)

Legal has always been a favorite of mine. This regional chain is a must visit whenever I’m in the Northeast. I am not a regular at most chains, with few exceptions, but Legal is one I am sure to frequent whenever I can. What’s good here: Thai Calamari. Get an entire order for yourself, get two or three orders if you’re sharing. Fried calamari tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce with peppers, pineapple and peanuts- orgasmic! A cup of New England clam chowder always does the trick for a quick snack, especially on a cold day. Clam Rolls and Lobster Rolls- sign me up! Nice menu available for takeout too, so grab and go before security. Check out the menu here:

Five Guys (Concourse C Food Court)

Five guys in an airport terminal- oh baby, we’re in trouble now. Make it a  Cheeseburger- Grilled Onions, mayo, ketchup, iceberg lettuce plus an order of fries and a coke. Some self loathing possible. Worth every calorie! Find it on Concourse C, American Gates.

WOW Bao (Concourse C Food Court)

I am a true lover of all Asian food, so when I see a place like this in an airport, my eyes light up. Dim sum while I wait for my flight? Stop it. Arrive in my belly immediately. My order: Kung Pao and BBQ Pork Bun. Find it next to Five Guys. 

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